The Egg or Carrot – Which Will You Choose When Life Gets Hard?

Inevitably, life will become challenging at some point. Circumstance will smack us across the face with an uppercut, a left hook, or a coup de grâce. When this happens, we have to make a choice: Do we want to be ...
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Interview: John Eldredge Explains Praying with Power

I was stoked to spend some time with John Eldredge! I asked him a few questions on his new book, Moving Mountains. It’s an inspiring book on prayer. You can also read my full book review at:
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Interview: Why is this Christian Scholar an Evolutionist?

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Book Review: Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains Praying with Passion, Confidence, and Authority By John Eldredge Title: Moving Mountains, by John Eldredge Publishing Info: 2016 by Nelson Books, Nashville Tennessee Photo Credit: Thomas Nelson Publishers My Rating: 4.5/5 stars Introduction This review will be somewhat ...
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Recharge Your Brain: A Week Exploring Epic Iceland

There’s a reason NASA trained its astronauts in the 1960’s in Iceland. It resembles the crater-filled moon in several places. The black rock, harsh conditions, and overall Wild Wild West feel created the perfect environment to explore lunar landings. Today, ...
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