Book Review: Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains Praying with Passion, Confidence, and Authority By John Eldredge Title: Moving Mountains, by John Eldredge Publishing Info: 2016 by Nelson Books, Nashville Tennessee Photo Credit: Thomas Nelson Publishers My Rating: 4.5/5 stars Introduction This review will be somewhat ...
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Recharge Your Brain: A Week Exploring Epic Iceland

There’s a reason NASA trained its astronauts in the 1960’s in Iceland. It resembles the crater-filled moon in several places. The black rock, harsh conditions, and overall Wild Wild West feel created the perfect environment to explore lunar landings. Today, ...
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Three arrows at the center of the target.

Purity is More than Debating Yoga Pants

The dreaded teenage sex-talk arrived from my mother. I was a teenager and imprisoned in her Audi as she drove. As I was held against my will, she blurted, “Keep it in your pants and don’t impregnate anyone.” Subtle, I ...
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David and Goliath

Face Your Fears, Leverage Your Personal Giants

It’s the minuscule chairs I remember most: colorful, plentiful, and especially tiny. I felt like Gulliver in the Land of Lilliput. I was an adult, yet the university’s speech clinic was designed with amenities for children. It was a hostile ...
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Prosperity Gospel

Why the Prosperity Gospel Creates Poor Christians

Sister Geraldine was an austere, yet caring Roman Catholic nun for almost eighty years. She began her avocation at thirteen and died in the convent at ninety six. Geraldine’s heart was in education; she invested her professional life teaching children ...
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